TRANSFORM is the signature fat loss program designed by CrossFit East Oahu coach, Keoni Subiono.  Over the course of 12 weeks, you will experience dramatic, visible, physical change.  You will learn how to eat to achieve drastic fat loss.  You will experience workouts that are as challenging as they are fun!  Average workouts (after warmup) are about 10-20 minutes - that's efficiency for you.

Most important - you'll be working with a team of coaches and fellow CrossFitters who will keep you accountable and on the path to your goals.  You are never alone when on TRANSFORM.  In fact, you're likely to build some of your closest relationships with the CFEO family.  They say misery loves company, but the friendships forged on the black mat are even stronger!

Kaizen is the Japanese term for "constant progress" and is the secret to long term TRANSFORM success for the veteran TRANSFORMer. Kaizen consists of personalized nutrition coaching, personal training in a small group (3 or less) setting, and customized lifestyle coaching.

Want proof?  Check out some of our recent TRANSFORMations - everyday people who made a 12-week commitment to try something new.

Contact Keoni at 808-306-1485 or [email protected] for more information.

TRANSFORM mandatory commitments:

-Attend one TRANSFORM Orientation
Find out everything you need to know about TRANSFORM program and how to get started.
Register by email: [email protected]

-Attend one TRANSFORM Mental Prep session
3 hours of TRANSFORM education: mindset, nutritional programming, lifestyle adjustments, and CrossFit methodology.
Register by email: [email protected]

-Commit to 3 or more days of CrossFit classes at CFEO.

-Complete and turn in weekly TRANSFORM Food Journals.

-Celebrate and inspire at the next TRANSFORM Awards Gala.

  CFEO Coach Keoni Subiono and 2016 Fall Season TRANSFORM Champion, Cate W., at the 17th TRANSFORM Gala, held on Friday December 16, 2016.

CFEO Coach Keoni Subiono and 2016 Fall Season TRANSFORM Champion, Cate W., at the 17th TRANSFORM Gala, held on Friday December 16, 2016.



Before CFEO, I wasn’t fully dedicated to exercising or dieting effectively. The only form of weight training was, "I workout! I have a 24-hour fitness membership...I go whenever I feel like it." The gym wasn’t a fun place, until I was challenged, programmed, and goal-driven upon joining CFEO. This was my first Transform. I went to last season's gala, felt the love, camaraderie, and excitement in seeing results of the Transformers. I was instantly motivated. I wanted to be on the big screen. Starting Transform wasn’t easy. Sacrifices had to be made; plate lunches modified. But I started to visually see results in the mirror. I’d get compliments by others who I haven't seen in a while and became more excited and focused. Shocking your body is a good thing. Switching exercises up, keeping things new and not going stale, was most effective during Transform. My understanding of dedication, strong will, and focus has been more defined having gone through Transform. Like the saying goes, "Don't expect a different result by trying the same thing over again." Change the way you eat, change the way you live, and you will see a new transformation in you. Anything IS possible!     


Weeks before my 32nd birthday, I sat in my doctor's office waiting for test results.  I weighed just under 400 pounds, was on medication for diabetes, high-blood pressure, high cholesterol andother stuff I think I chose not to remember.  i was a single parent of a 2 and 7 year old and my hip was bothering me, my hands were numb and I pretty much felt like crap.  Needless to say, I was very useless in the physical activity with my kids department.  My doctor walked in and said, "Your x-rays show that you have joint degeneration in your hips and lower back.  If you don't do something about your weight, you will need hip replacement surgery in the next 3-5 years."  It took me almost a month to process his words and at the end of my stint in denial, I was mortified at the scenarios in my head.  Either I wouldn't be around to see my children grow up and no one would take care of them, or they would be stuck an invalid for a mother.  The idea of a 400-lb person surviving hip replacement surgery seemed like a pipe-dream to me and there was no way I was gonna go out like that.  I started with changes in my diet.  After 5 months and 80-lbs, I started exercising.  Before I knew it I was waking up at 230amMonday through Friday to go to the gym for 2 1/2 hours, cooking and prepping my own meals and taking better care of myself and trying to break some of the bad food habits I had taught my children.
I've been at CFEO for a 1 1/2 years now and although I'm grateful for the personal growth I've had as a result of starting this journey to health alone, I know it would have been so much better and probably shorter if I had been able to find CFEO years earlier.  You can find any number of crossfit boxes here in Hawaii, but our community is THE BEST!  I've received so much love and support during my transform seasons and witnessed the support given to others, including my now 17-year old who just finished her first transform season.  I'd be lying if I said it was easy - there were so many days when I said "screw this" or "this is stupid" but after those moments of weakness I'd take a look at my kids, tell myself to end the pity party, put my head down and grind on.  I started on this road for my kids and now I do this for myself.  I have the best people, whom I consider my greatest friends, who I look forward to suffering with every week.  What more could you ask for?

Nothing I write here will really be able to do justice to what CrossFit and CrossFit East Oahu (CFEO) have meant to me personally, but I’ll give it a try anyway.  What CrossFit offers, and has given me personally, is a way to not only stop that decline, but reverse it. At 41, after almost 3 years at CFEO, I’ve never felt more physically capable in all my life. Running, jumping, climbing, lifting, pulling, and rowing have all improved thanks to CrossFit.  Over my TRANSFORM journey I have lost over 60 pounds, dropped inches and body fat while putting on lean muscle mass.  While I still have a long way to go (and hope I always do!), and progress is not always as fast and linear as it was in my early days of CrossFit, I still make progress constantly with the help of the great people, both coaches and members, at CFEO.

Keoni, Rose, Joe, Shawn, Julie, Jon, Jason and  Cristy are not only amazing coaches, but have become friends who I trust completely. While CFEO is a business, it has always been very clear to me that their primary focus is on helping people get better by providing great coaching and programming in an environment that is welcoming, challenging and inspiring.  Not many businesses can claim that kind of relationship with their “customers”.

CFEO is an awesome place, unlike any other gym around, with incredible people all focused getting better, and helping each other get better, regardless of where you are starting from. Thank you Keoni and Rose for putting this place together and continually improving it.  I will be forever grateful to CFEO and its awesome CrossFit Ohana for helping me on my path to a healthier life.