The New CrossFit East O’ahu “ENATA” Logo

CFEO Enata Logo-short.png

The ‘ENATA” is an ancient Polynesian Symbol that can represent people. If you were walking around a few hundred years ago and you saw this symbol, you would know there are people here. Enata in different combinations like pairs, groups, or circles, can mean different things. Groups of Enata can represent friends, family, and people gathering for a common activity. At CrossFit East Oahu you will start to see different groupings of our logo to represent all these different meanings.

CrossFit East Oahu exsist for the people. A place to gather for common activity, a place for people to come and join the best community on the Island. If you are walking around O’ahu and you see this symbol, know that the People of CrossFit East O’AHU are here and you are more than welcome to come join our awesome community!

Description: This Enata is based on a hieroglyph type symbol used to represent Humans or People. It has 4 sides representing 2 arms and 2 legs with a Triangle symbol top center to represent the head and a square in the center to represent the body. There are 2 sections of directional triangles pointing in the direction of The Box (center square) and 2 sections of directional triangles pointing away from the box in the center to depict people coming and going.